Speakers The Masters Of Their Crafts

All Time Pick Up Gurus

Vince Kelvin – The Godfather

Vince “Hollywood” Kelvin, AKA the Kissing Saint, is the founder of the original PUA Summit, community legend and pioneer, and has been teaching Pickup on all continents for over 25 years! He’s the author of the best-selling book, Same Night Sex. His global media coverage has included CNN’s “The Seduction Game” with Lisa Ling, The Steve Harvey Show, BBC, UK Chanel 4, KTLA5, Canadian Broadcast, SKY TV, Playboy Radio, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and The Sun, just to name a few. Vince has been featured in movies, has helped more men than anyone else, and has broken all world records of social and sexual experimentations. He has been married five times, has bedded over 30 world famous porn stars, and holds the world record of random make-outs. Despite Vince’s wild edge, his dedication and message comes from higher spiritual frames!


Arash “Zepar” Dibazar – The Diamond Mind

Every couple of thousand years an individual appears on this planet who changes the course of the culture and the future of society. Arash Zepar Dibazar is this individual.






The Healers

Frank White – The Sorcerer

Frank White/Aurelius Sopax is an actual practicing Sorcerer and spiritual teacher. He has studied the occult and spiritual sciences for almost two decades, and has throughout his training in many occult orders become a master at his art. He teaches communication with spirits and ritual magick.





James Hyman – The Shaman

James Hyman has been practicing shamanism for over 40 years. He is a healer extraordinaire, and is able to transmit the awakened state of consciousness to other people. His method of Deep Emotional Release Bodywork has helped thousands of men and women from all walks of life achieve emotional freedom. His greatest contribution has been to assist others in accessing clear insight for their highest purpose, and to help them remove any and all blockages in the way of their accomplishing goals and acquiring the successes in life that they are looking for. He has a gift for helping others change their view of the world, themselves, women, sex, and relationships, and gain the confidence needed to be authentic, powerful, fulfilled, and happy.


Chirs DeVilbiss – The Yogi

Through practicing yoga every day, Chris DeVilbiss accepts change readily, and is able to feel deeply the experience of others as well as himself. Since tuning in deeply to his own wants and needs, he found pickup, which has become his practice for expression, empathy, and savvy. Pickup allows him to conquer all of his social fears and stigmas. Together, pickup and yoga have become his vehicles to externalize his internal world and refine each and every aspect of his mind. His goal is liberation. His path is toward self-mastery. He accepts you as you are. Namaste.

The Success Experts

Bryan Casella – The Spartan Of Wealth

Bryan Casella is a 30-year-old Real Estate Mogul, Coach at Seductive Instinct, and the mastermind behind “Close The Deal.” He has been involved for three years in the Pickup and Seduction community, is a YouTube star, Real Estate Coach, and Online Entrepreneur, who has taken the Pickup and Seduction Arts, and through application in the business field, created a Player Lifestyle with women, cars, and everything else.