Speakers The Masters Of Their Crafts

The All-Time Pickup Gurus:

Vince Kelvin – The Godfather

Vince “Hollywood” Kelvin, AKA the Kissing Saint, is the founder of the original PUA Summit, community legend and pioneer, and has been teaching Pickup on all continents for over 25 years! He’s the author of the best-selling book, Same Night Sex. His global media coverage has included CNN’s “The Seduction Game” with Lisa Ling, The Steve Harvey Show, BBC, UK Chanel 4, KTLA5, Canadian Broadcast, SKY TV, Playboy Radio, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and The Sun, just to name a few. Vince has been featured in movies, has helped more men than anyone else, and has broken all world records of social and sexual experimentations. He has been married five times, has bedded over 30 world famous porn stars, and holds the world record of random make-outs. Despite Vince’s wild edge, his dedication and message comes from higher spiritual frames!




Arash Zepar Dibazar – The Diamond Mind

Every couple of thousand years an individual appears on this planet who changes the course of the culture and the future of society. Arash Zepar Dibazar is this individual.







Eric A.K.A. Hypnotica – The Wizard

As the contemporary face of masculinity in the Golden Age, Eric Von Sydow A.K.A. Hypnotica embodies the essence of the archetypal Renaissance Man, while pulsating a new vibratory field of “I Am” possibility. As one of the original architects of the new man’s lifestyle movement, Von Sydow is responsible for leading legions of males toward unheralded heights of redefined manhood.

Recognized as the “Inner Game Guru,” he has pioneered the field of male sexuality. As one of the “founding fathers” of the new movement in masculinity and lifestyle, he was an early mentor to now-famous figures like Neil Strauss (“The Game”) and David DeAngelo (“Double Your Dating”). A primal embodiment of art, poetry, culture, music, fitness and yes, sex, Von Sydow has instructed, encouraged and incited men to enhance their mental, spiritual and sexual wellbeing. Under his tutelage, thousands of men now boast success not only in their personal love relationships but also in their overall lives.

Hypnotica’s recently released master program, “Modern Day Sexual Man,” serves as a pinnacle in his library of self-help offerings over the past two decades. With “Modern Day Sexual Man,” Hypnotica lays claim to unleashing “the most advanced sexual techniques for men that the world has ever seen.” The components of the project are a culmination of decades of scientific research, relationship coaching, intuition and personal experience, designed to upgrade the modern man into a genuine “super being.”

As a leading ‘mind designer’ consultant, he is internationally recognized and sought after for his groundbreaking techniques which escalate business prowess and acumen. With his guidance and coaching, clientele has proven to emerge as new models of financial virility.



Discovery A.K.A. Shaun Michael – The SophistiCat

Discovery is a Pickup Professional with over 10 years as an Instructor. Prior to Pickup, he was a three-time award-winning Business Trainer. He was the original Instructor to many of the current industry greats, including Arash Dibazar. Discovery recently starred alongside Mystery in a PUA TV Documentary, was the fastest-appointed “Master Pickup Artist,” having been appointed in only one-and-a-half years by Mystery himself, and has the highest in-field closing rate of all the Venusian Arts Team (including Mystery, Matador, and Lovedrop, his then PUA Mentors). He has coached over 100 Bootcamps globally, and has 39 Coaches around the world, trained by Mystery and himself. Discovery specializes in teaching guys how to learn both “High End” Game and how to learn FAST.





John Keegan – The Romantic Hero

John Keegan is an award-winning dating coach and Founder of The Awakened Lifestyle. He has worked with clients from New York to Los Angeles, and Paris to Rio de Janeiro. John is a frequent contributor to Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire on the topic of dating, relationships, and lifestyle. John has been featured in theNew York Times, Marie Claire, Humans of New York, New York Magazine, and has made appearances on Fox and Friends, Lisa Oz, and other TV shows around the world.




James Marshall – The Natural

 Since founding The Natural Lifestyles in 2007, James has coached thousands of men worldwide, spoken at all the major industry summits, been voted the World’s Best Natural, and created the most intense, longterm coaching systems available. These include the infamous 10-day traveling Euro Tour, and beyond the call of duty bespoke programs.

He specializes in holistic coaching that looks at all the elements that make a man naturally attractive to women. No lines, no tricks – just pure direct sexual intent, flexible conversational principles, inner game mastery, style, body language, and much more. He is described as a low energy, high intensity seducer, and is particularly gifted in teaching a more mellow, gimmick-free seduction that works particularly well for more introverted men, allowing them to maintain their true personality while adapting the Natural Game                                                                                                                                        principles to suit their temperament.

The Healers:

Frank White – The Sorcerer

Frank White is an actual practicing Sorcerer and spiritual teacher. He has studied the occult and spiritual sciences for almost two decades, and has throughout his training in many occult orders become a master at his art. He teaches communication with spirits and ritual magick.




James Hyman – The Shaman

 James Hyman has been practicing shamanism for over 40 years. He is a healer extraordinaire, and is able to transmit the awakened state of consciousness to other people. His method of Deep Emotional Release Bodywork has helped thousands of men and women from all walks of life achieve emotional freedom. His greatest contribution has been to assist others in accessing clear insight for their highest purpose, and to help them remove any and all blockages in the way of their accomplishing goals and acquiring the successes in life that they are looking for. He has a gift for helping others change their view of the world, themselves, women, sex, and relationships, and gain the confidence needed to be authentic, powerful, fulfilled, and happy.




Chris DeVilbiss – The Yogi

 Through practicing yoga every day, Chris DeVilbiss accepts change readily, and is able to feel deeply the experience of others as well as himself. Since tuning in deeply to his own wants and needs, he found pickup, which has become his practice for expression, empathy, and savvy. Pickup allows him to conquer all of his social fears and stigmas. Together, pickup and yoga have become his vehicles to externalize his internal world and refine each and every aspect of his mind. His goal is liberation. His path is toward self-mastery. He accepts you as you are. Namaste.





Kyle Michael Dory – The Hypnotist

 Kyle Michael Dory is a hypnotherapist, peak performance specialist, and philosopher who believes that hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool which helps bring miraculous change to individuals’ lives. He has spent the last 13 years studying the mind and the spirit extensively. This journey eventually led him to the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the only accredited college for hypnosis. Using his extensive training in hypnosis and philosophy background, he created his own style of hypnosis, which stemmed from a deep esoteric knowledge of the spirit of the great gnostics and light bearers.

The Success Experts:

Bryan Casella 

Bryan Casella is a 30-year-old Real Estate Mogul, Coach at Seductive Instinct, and the mastermind behind “Close The Deal.” He has been involved for three years in the Pickup and Seduction community, is a YouTube star, Real Estate Coach, and Online Entrepreneur, who has taken the Pickup and Seduction Arts, and through application in the business field, created a Player Lifestyle with women, cars, and everything else.




Frazz Azab- The Warrior Entrepreneur

Frass Azab is a martial artist, instructor, and entrepreneur. Among his array of certifications, Frass is a Black rank under Nick Hughes’ Warriors Krav Maga system and an active Jiu Jitsu practitioner under Derek Bohi. Frass is the Chief Instructor in the Warriors Krav Maga KC program, and holds multiple certs in hand-to-hand and weapons combative techniques. With his experience as a martial artist coupled with his degree in Criminology and real life experience, Frass has passed on valuable training to many of his students that focus on a blend of Hard and Soft skills. In addition to being the owner of Warriors Academy KC, Frass has taken on private instruction opportunities, seminars, and special projects. He recently took a position with the IMC team, adding to his list of entrepreneurial ventures in the martial arts community. 

The Entertainers:

Bob Corff – The Celebrity Vocal Coach

Bob Corff has solidified himself as one of the best dialect coaches for actors, one of the most popular voice coaches for speakers in all fields of work, and one of the most successful vocal coaches for singers at every level. He has developed a successful line of audio courses for actors, teaches private and distance lessons, and is the go-to voice coach for actors on set. His list of celebrity clients is expansive and includes actors from Samuel L. Jackson, Javier Bardem, and Channing Tatum to Emma Stone, Zoe Saldana, and Jennifer Lawrence, musicians such as Dave Grohl, Mariah Carey, and Selena Gomez, and just about everyone in between. Bob Corff is the most in-demand and experienced voice coach in Los Angeles for every conceivable star and project involving speech or song. 


Chi Szeto – The Dance Master

Chi “Club Dance King” Szeto helps people feel Cool, Confident, and Connected through dance. He is the most popular Club and Dance Seduction Expert on the internet with over 33 million views online, and has trained in Hip Hop under the Jabbawockeez, and in multiple Latin Dances like Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, and Kizomba. He’s the founder of iDanceAcademy in DTLA, which features the world’s best teachers in Social Dancing and Choreography.






Beau Matthews – The Magician

Beau Matthews was a shy kid who overcame his insecurity with the help of magic. He began performing at the age of 7, after receiving a magic kit as a birthday gift. The discovery of sleight of hand set him on the path to relentlessly pursue a career as a magician. The dedication to the craft of magic has paid off, and he is now a master at creating moments of astonishment. Celebrities such as YG, Steve-O, KYLE, Hodgetwins, Jamie Kennedy, and more have been blown away by the unique style and presentation that only Beau Matthews is capable of.



Bateeza – Event DJ

Bateeza plays high-energy house music that immediately makes you want to move to the dance floor. She recently released the first of five singles, including songs written by Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd and produced by Illa da Producer with guest stars such as Brazilian superstar, Naldo Benny. Bateeza has had the privilege to open for DJ Chuckie and spin at numerous venues throughout the country. She maintains a high level of self-confidence, and is excited to continue her success through several singles that are about to be released, for which she recorded vocals.

The Sex-Experts:

Kevin Derrick Gentry – The Pimp

Kevin Derrick Gentry started pimpin at 16 years-of-age. He has had thousands of hos paying in close to a fifteen-year career, and has made $3 million dollars in cold hard cash, before he retired from the streets forever at 28-years-old. He is a master of women, and commands a stable of 18 legitimate women, even today, vowing never to go back to monogamy. The best part of his lifestyle is that all his women know each other, get along with each other, and work together to make sure that he is treated as a King. Come out and hear his secrets or regret not being there forever.






Tony Dillinger – The Producer

Tony Dillinger is a pornographic film director, producer, and occasional performer who has produced adult content and films for a variety of companies and porn star websites. He is the owner of Dillinger Studios 818, which hosts live cam shows featuring some of the top porn stars in the industry such as Alexis Texas, Katrina Jade, Jesse Jane, and, of course, Lisa Daniels. Dillinger has created the 3D doll line of porn star memorabilia figurines, and a sex toy line of molded masturbators of well-known porn stars. He is very active with social media, so be sure to stay up to date with his up-and-coming projects!


The Feminine Voice of Seduction:

Marni – The Wing Girl

Marni is the secret weapon that EVERY man needs. Labelled as the World’s #1 Wing Girl, she has spent the last decade helping tens of thousands of men go from being Mr. Nice Guy to Mr. Holy S&*T, I Want Him. Marni will give you access to information about how to REALLY get the girl. No female fluff. Just blunt and honest tips, tools, and advice on how to attract, date, seduce and get the girl every time!




KarenLee Poter – The Cougar

KarenLee Poter hosts an internet talk show, “The KarenLee Poter Show,” and writes about dating, sex, and relationships. No topic is off-limits, as she shares personal anecdotes and opinions through witty vlogs and comedic shorts about her life as a “Cougar,” which she has redefined as a Confident, Older, Unique, Girl, Assertive, and Racy woman. The KarenLee Poter Show commands a worldwide audience of 20,000 YouTube subscribers, and has received 11 million total channel views. KarenLee’s writing has been featured on multiple blog sites. She’s also the author of A Cougar’s Guide To Getting Your Ass Back Out There, an autobiographical self-help book, which has received rave reviews, and co-hosts a hilarious podcast with her standup comic son, Cameron called, “Sex Talk With My Mom.” This is the ultimate podcast about the birds and the bees where they interview guests and talk intimately about their personal lives.




Catherine Auman – The Tantress

Catherine Auman is the creator of Tantric Dating, a method of bringing more love into the mating process. Catherine lived for a year at the Osho ashram in India – a full-time immersion 
in tantra and meditation – and she has studied and practiced tantra, love, sex, intimacy, and seduction for decades with numerous teachers. She works as a licensed therapist in private practice in West LA.






Flye Hudson – The Lesbian Pickup Artist

Flye Hudson is a groundbreaking YouTuber in the field of dating dynamics and seduction culture. She’s a love advocate, dating coach, and published author, and has served as an assistant coach to ABCS of Attraction. She is currently working on a program to revolutionize the LGBT dating industry. Flye speaks four different languages, loves traveling, and loves educating others about the power of love—the power it has to change lives. She feels honored to have the opportunity to be heard and to hear others at this exciting event.


The Pickup Coaches:

Kevin Ward

Kevin teaches the way of the natural. He has helped hundreds of guys around the world connect to their true selves and find the dating life they want to live. He teaches how to make approaching women an act that is true to yourself, fun, and comfortable. With a simple motto of “the cool, comfortable guy, gets the girl” he simplifies cold approach to it’s core concepts to make pickup easy and straightforward.




Satori – The Rising Star

Satori is a NYC-based pickup artist who became popular in the city for his controversial lay reports and in-field pickup videos of himself fucking random women in public places. His teachings have improved the sex life of hundreds of men around the world. Satori came from a third world country seven years ago, and despite his language barriers, young age, and lack of resources, he managed to become one of the best pickup artists in the city of New York.






Frank Haro – The Decoder

Frank Haro is a Los Angeles entrepreneur, businessman, content creator, pickup artist, skydiver, family man, and an esteemed manager of his team. He is the founder of the YouTube Channel, Pickup Decoded, which specializes in In-field Breakdowns with over a hundred videos created. He is lovable and well-respected, speaks from his own personal experiences of trial and error, and will continue his journey to change every man’s life through his legacy.



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